Local Experience Trip is an online booking system which makes booking quick and easy with real-time Riads, Villa and appartment availability and immediate confirmation. Local Experience Trip's Customer Service department (open 7 days per week) allows you to book online or by phone.

Article 1 --- Acceptance of the Terms of Sale and Use

We request that you carefully read these general terms of sale which apply to the bookings made on the website or by telephone with our Customer Service/Call Center.

These general terms of sale define the agreement governing the relationship between Local Experience Trip and the client during and after the booking of their visit offered by the Local Experience Trip booking system.

We reserve the right to modify these general terms of sale at any time and any changes will take effect once published on the website.

Article 2 --- Object

These general terms of sale determine the obligations as well as the rights of the parties in relation to bookings made through the "Local Experience Trip" booking system. These general terms of sale constitute the entire obligations and rights of the parties and no other terms can be imposed on them. Although these general terms are presented in several languages, only the French text is applicable in the case of any potential legal proceedings.

Article 3 --- Price

The prices displayed per room are indicated in the currency of your choice. This includes VAT. These prices have been negotiated between the partner establishments and Local Experience Trip and may differ slightly from the public prices set by the establishments.

Local Experience Trip only intervenes as a booking system and cannot be held responsible.

Taxes such as the Tourist Promotion Tax and Local Tax (see the establishment information page) shall be directly deducted by the hotel on the invoice.

Article 4 --- Reservation

When booking, the client must provide a credit or debit card number and expiry date. Both VISA and Mastercard are accepted. Upon confirmation of the booking by Local Experience Trip, the security deposit shall be debited from the card.

The booking is therefore binding.

An advance payment corresponding to approximately 25% of the total cost of the stay (see the hotel's booking conditions) shall be debited from the card as a guarantee. The remaining balance corresponding to approximately 75% of the total cost of the stay shall be payable directly to the hotel before the end of the stay.

A booking confirmation email shall be sent to the client at the address they have provided. The confirmation email sent to the client by Local Experience Trip serves as proof of booking (a voucher) and shall detail all the information pertaining to the booking and the selected hotel. This voucher serves as a guarantee and the client must present upon their arrival at the hotel.

The client must provide the correct email address. Local Experience Trip cannot be held responsible for any potential error and/or omission made by the client which could prevent it from communicating to the client the information relating to the booking. For security reasons, this booking confirmation shall also be available on the site and accessible by the client through the "Member Space" at any time.

If, for whatever reason, the hotel is unable to honour a reservation correctly confirmed by Local Experience Trip, it must re-accommodate the client concerned in a room of equal or superior category, situated in a hotel of equivalent standard close by. Any costs that may arise as a result of the client having to travel to the alternative hotel accommodation shall also be the hotel's responsibility.

Article 5 --- Cancellation

In the event of cancellation or no show, the client agrees to pay all the costs resulting from the cancellation of their stay. The terms of cancellation are described on the hotel's information page as well as on the booking confirmation. Each hotel has its own terms of cancellation and all cancellation requests are to be addressed via email to Local Experience Trip as promptly as possible.

The cancellation fees shall be directly deducted from the security deposit and if necessary, in the case where they exceed said deposit, by a new debit on the client's card, debited directly by the hotel concerned.

We strongly advise that you read these terms of cancellation carefully before proceeding with a booking, as once your booking is confirmed these terms of cancellation are binding.

Article 6 --- Limit of Liability

The agreement concerning the product or service is between the client and the hotel, therefore Local Experience Trip can in no case be held responsible for the hotel's shortcomings. Local Experience Trip plays the role of an intermediary between yourself and the hotel, consequently Local Experience Trip has no control whatsoever over the quality of the services offered or the costs billed by the hotel.

Following your stay, we request that you fill in a customer satisfaction survey on the hotel concerned so as to contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of the services offered by our partner establishments.

Article 7 --- Requirements

It is the client's responsibility to obtain, and ensure the validity of, the administrative and medical documents required by the police and customs regulations necessary for the trip and for the entry into Moroccan territory.

In no case can we be held responsible for the refusal of entrance into the territory of Morocco, an inability to depart or any other situation where the client could find themself unable to benefit from the services ordered as a result of failure to meet these requirements.

Article 8 --- Disputes and Applicable Law

In the event of a dispute, the parties agree, to seek an amicable solution together before proceeding with any legal action. In the event where such a solution cannot be found, all transactions and legal documents relating to these terms of sale are subject to Moroccan law.

The handling of disputes shall be exclusively undertaken by the jurisdiction and the courts of Marrakech.

Local Experience Trip shall not be held responsible for disputes which may arise during the stay, between the client who has booked through the company and the hotel in which they are staying or between the client and any other provider contributing services during the stay, whatever the reason may be.

Article 9 --- Confidentiality and Security

The information that you provide us with is protected and is only used by us for the purpose of carrying out your booking. Only you can modify or delete this information. Should this be necessary, we ask that you send your instructions to the following address:

Our site and the methods of payment relating to it are completely secured by the SSL encryption process. The payments are made through Maroc Telecommerce and CMI who specialise in internet payment security.